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The celebration of Childrens Day  2014-5-30

Our school won the silver medal of the English melodrama for youth in Suzhou  2014-4-14

The Parents Meeting of Grade 6  2014-3-26

Readers of safety were issued to students  2014-1-24

A Letter of Thanks  2013-10-30

The Children’s day ceremony of 2013  2013-6-4

Mummy, I love you!  2013-5-30

A safety education drill developed in SYEPS  2013-4-19

Fan Jiani got the the Grand Prize for Primary in the 2013 Times Star English Talent Competition  2013-4-18

The parents’ meeting of Grade 6  2013-4-17

Representatives of SYEPS swept martyrs’ graves on “Qingming”.  2013-4-17

The Young Pioneers meeting of Wuzhong District  2013-3-21

USA youyou in SYEPS  2013-3-7

A Christmas Concert  2013-2-1

A Rope Skipping Competition  2013-2-1

Wang Zhenshi achieved a good result in “The Golden Key” Competition  2013-1-31

The parents’ meeting of Grade 3  2013-1-31

The parents’ meeting of Grade 6  2013-1-31

The Success of The Forth Teachers’ Congress  2013-1-31

A Calligraphy Competition in Grade 4  2013-1-31

The new representatives of Young Pioneers in SYEPS  2013-1-31

The Parents Meeting of Grade 1  2013-1-31

The Visiting mission to South Korea was back  2013-1-31



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